We are passionate about sharing the outdoors with others. We take this to heart in the products we make, and also in the ways we enhance the outdoor community with experiences. Plano Synergy is proud to bring you a collection of outdoor television series that are produced in-house by our employees and partners. It’s our hope that viewers will walk away from these blood-pumping, real-life hunting scenarios feeling empowered to take to the field and find their own adventures.


“Avian-X TV” will change the way you look at waterfowl and turkey hunting television. Join Fred Zink and the Avian-X crew as they travel the United States and Canada to bring you epic hunts, calling tactics and strategies for making you more successful on the water and in the woods.

Watch it on the Sportsman Channel

Website: Avian-X TV


The Trained Assassins are a group of country boys driven by an immense adoration for and unwavering devotion to the outdoors. The show’s goal is to share the unforgettable adventures, gained knowledge and extraordinary experiences of Cragg Fitz, Slade Priest, Blake Devall, Rayn Wascom, Jay Alston, Rusty Wascom and “Uncle” Rusty Priest. Each of these men is a tough-spirited individual, possessing an indomitable passion for the thrill of the hunt. They are especially passionate about bow hunting, and seek to achieve something unique with each hunt in order to bring you “Trained Assassins TV.”

Watch it on the Sportsman Channel

Website: Trained Assassins TV


From day one, Nate Hosie and Randy Birdsong’s goal for “HeadHunters TV” was to be different. Instead of your normal, everyday hunting show, they wanted to produce a show to give the viewer an inside look at what it takes to produce an actual reality hunting series. From obtaining airtime and selling advertisements, to lining up producers and killing animals, “HeadHunters TV” brings it all to the viewer.

Watch it on the Outdoor Channel

Website: HeadHunters TV


Forget turkey hunting shows of the past! Presented by Flextone Game Calls, “Turkey Man” — hosted by Eddie Salter — brings a new level of real-life excitement to turkey hunting TV. Fast-action tales take viewers alongside Eddie Salter in his passion-filled pursuit of wild turkeys. Each episode features multiple adrenaline-fueled adventures with high-profile celebrities, professional hunters, families, friends, children and the average Joe.

Watch it on the Sportsman Channel

Website: Turkey Man Expo


Hunting is part of a culture rooted deep in this great country that is centered around God and family. The southern roots of “Red Arrow” have the same foundation. This show is as real as it gets! Host Kip Campbell hunts wild game both big and small all over the country in 100% fair-chase environments. “Red Arrow” occasionally features award-winning country music singer, friend and fellow hunter Zac Brown, of the Zac Brown Band, on hunting excursions. The show is primarily bow hunting, with occasional firearm hunting and pro-Second Amendment self-defense segments. Ride along with Kip and crew as they take you from heart-pounding adventure hunts abroad, to intense action in the southern backwoods of Virginia. “Red Arrow” is a fast-paced, comedic show that’s full of great music, good times and hunting action!

Watch it on the Outdoor Channel

Website: Red Arrow TV


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