SideStep Ice Fishing Shelter is a Game-Changer

Brian Brosdahl fishing perch in Frabill Bro Series SideStep ice shelter

By: Brian “Bro” Brosdahl

As I prepare for ice fishing, I always start with rods and reels – but my ice house is a close second! It’s time to start thinking about what I will be fishing out of.

I always look to portable, flip-over style ice shelters. They’re mobile, stow and transport all of my gear, and provide protection when the weather is at its worst. Flip-overs haven’t evolved much over time, so Frabill’s innovative SideStep entry really is a game-changer.

What makes the SideStep ice house different?

Frabill SideStep ice shelterEasy Access

Two side doors seem so simple, but what a bonus it is to step out to the side instead of stepping over fishing holes, electronics and heaters! With a door on each side, I’m able to step in and out at any time without disturbing the whole set-up or my fishing partner next to me.

More Fishing Space

The vertical front wall means there is more headroom, more room for hooksets and longer rods, and a whole new world of configurations for placing the heater, lantern, electronics, and fishing holes. Plus, I don’t have to worry about opening a front door (like those on the traditional tapered wall) and having it drape on top of my heater. Who has burned a hole in their shelter door this way?


IHeather Brosdahl with a blue gill fishing from Frabill Bro Series SideStep ice shelter can’t say enough about insulated fabric – don’t underestimate it. Insulated ice fishing houses really do keep you comfortable on the coldest days. The side doors also make for a quick entry or exit, so less heat escapes when you’re going in and out.

There are several Frabill SideSteps to choose from, including the Bro SideStep that Frabill engineers and I designed together. This shelter is fully insulated with 20 square feet of fishable space and comfortable boat seats for long days on the ice.

As I spend time at local sporting goods stores throughout the Ice Belt this winter, ask me for a personal tour of the Frabill SideStep! Click here for the 2017-18 Bro “Road Show” event schedule.

For more ice house options, including additional flip-over shelters and hub shelters, visit


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