You may not know us by name, but if you’ve ever set foot in a deer blind or dropped a line in a lake, chances are you know our products. We’re the people who would rather be enjoying the outdoors than sitting at a desk, but if we must sit at a desk… we might as well do it in the name of the outdoors.


We build brands that help the world discover the experiences that live outside of everyday.


  • We believe outdoor experiences build character, inspire action and enrich lives.
  • We believe growth happens when you actively explore opportunities and take on new challenges.
  • We believe discovering and meeting the needs of our consumers, customers and colleagues is the only way to lead the industry.
  • We believe that fear of failure is the surest way to find it.
  • We believe in a base camp mentality – where our best is achieved by encouraging and pushing each other to accomplish our mission.

Plano Synergy brings together some of the top brands in the outdoor industry – giving hunters and anglers all they need to be successful. This partnership combines the long-standing history of Plano Molding’s premium fishing products with the innovative design and robust portfolio of hunting powerhouse Synergy Outdoors. This joining of forces occurred in 2013, but our history began long before then. And we’re just getting started.


The Senior Leadership Team propelling Plano Synergy into a new era includes industry leaders, legal experts and other highly-skilled individuals who believe life is best lived outside.




We are closely connected to organizations within the outdoor industry seeking to protect and improve the outdoor sports for all.




Plano Synergy, and its affiliated group of companies, are committed to responsible sourcing. To that end, Plano Synergy requires its suppliers to comply with a code of conduct, to ensure the health and safety of workers in the supply chain, human rights, business integrity, and compliance with laws, regulations and standards related to the same. This Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all Suppliers who provide materials and products to any company in the Plano Synergy family of companies. Supplier’s acceptance of a purchase order or supply of goods and or services constitutes that Supplier’s acceptance of the terms set forth in this Supplier Code of Conduct.

Suppliers must ensure that this Supplier Code of Conduct is also observed by Suppliers’ subcontractors, business associates or employees. Plano Synergy will seek to identify and utilize Suppliers who share its commitment and reserves for itself or through third party auditors, the right to conduct, or have conducted on its behalf, audits of production facilities and business practices in order to monitor such Suppliers’ commitments. Plano Synergy also reserves the right to cease doing business with any Supplier who violates any law or regulation regarding the use of labor or materials in the supply chain, at any time. This Supplier Code of Conduct may be amended by Plano Synergy; its enforcement and/or interpretation rests solely with Plano Synergy; and it does not confer or create any rights in favor of any party other than Plano Synergy and its affiliates.


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