Why You Need a Floating Ice Fishing Suit

By: Chris Leonard

When we head out for a day of fishing, we don’t expect bad things to happen. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared for the unexpected.

There is a reason U.S. Coast Guard certified life jackets are a required part of your boating equipment, and that reason is simple – the manufacturing facility, materials and design of a Coast Guard certified flotation device are tested and proven to save your life.

The same holds true for ice fishing apparel. If you end up in the water, what is going to give you the best possible chance of survival? Look for a suit that isn’t just advertised as “floating,” but is actually certified by the Coast Guard.

Here’s the difference. When submerged, all clothing will trap air and provide a small amount of buoyancy for a short period of time. But unless you’re wearing a U.S. Coast Guard certified device, this short period of time is all you have to rescue yourself. That’s it.

The Frabill I-Float jacket is the only flotation-assisting ice fishing jacket on the market to be recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard as a USCG Certified Personal Flotation Device. It includes security features like mesh self-drainage openings for emergency water evacuation, and high-visibility USCG orange lining and accents for better detection in the elements. The I-Float was engineered to give you the best possible chance of surviving a fall through the ice.

Learn more about Frabill’s complete line of ice fishing apparel at frabill.com.


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