Kayak Fishing Storage Solutions

I use the Plano V-Crate to maximize storage space in my kayak.

By Drew Gregory

As a kayak angler, it’s important to be organized and efficient on the water. There are several products that can be helpful, but these are two of my favorite storage solutions when kayak fishing on my Hooked on Wild Waters show.

Plano Z-Series Wrap

The Plano Z-Series Wrap is the solution I was looking for to organize my soft plastics when kayak fishing.I’ve tried several products to store soft plastic lures, such as plastic utility boxes and ring binders with Ziploc-style bags – but these options had their drawbacks. I was always on the lookout for a better solution. For the kayak, I knew I needed something more durable than the basic Ziploc-style bags in traditional ring binders. I also knew I needed something waterproof. The Z-Series Wrap is finally the solution I’ve been searching for because it meets these requirements and more.

  • No zippers. I really like the fact that the Z-Series wrap uses an easy, no-fail hook and loop closure system. All Plano Z-Series bags are zipperless and come in the cool, new Kryptex color pattern for 2018.
  • Clear compartments. I can see all of my bait options by simply unrolling the wrap. No need to flip through a bunch of bags!
  • Efficient. I can fit all of my baits in just three of these wraps – then I pack and roll for compact, easy storage in any of my kayak models.
  • Sturdy carry handle. At the beginning or end of my day, it’s easy to get my baits to and from the water.

Bonus tip: I separate all of my baits into categories so that I don’t need all three of my bags every time I fish. For example, larger swimbaits and plastics are in one so if I’m fishing a small creek I may not bring that one.

VIDEO: Check out my Angler’s Edge tip on organizing soft plastics.

Plano V-Crate

The Plano V-Crate is well thought-out to maximize storage space when kayak fishing.I recently started using the V-Crate to maximize storage space in my kayak. I have to admit, I was unsure about the unique look of it at first, but I quickly realized that the V-Crate is well thought-out specifically for kayak fishing.

  • Side storage. The unique v-shape actually makes accessing my StowAway utility boxes a lot easier than a traditional milk crate, and each side holds two 3600 or 3700-sized StowAways. My personal preference is the Hydro-Flo Stowaways which allow water to drain and air to circulate so my lures dry naturally.
  • Center bulk storage. The main compartment is large! At first, I wasn’t sure what I would do with this space but I found out I really liked the blank slate so I can use it however I wish. Sometimes, I find myself putting odds and ends in it, such as sunscreen or a water bottle. At other times, I use it to quickly discard lures that I didn’t have time to put back in my boxes. Then, just yesterday, I used it to store some of my Z-Series Wraps. The possibilities are endless, and completely customizable.
  • Waterproof base compartment. The lower portion provides a unique waterproof storage area for my wallet, keys and cell phone. It also acts like a booster seat to elevate the main compartment to a height that is easy to access – or I can detach this portion if I need the V-Crate to fit in a smaller, low-profile area.
  • Side rail system. The tracks on both sides are a nice bonus to attach rod holders or other accessories.
  • Large handle. The V-Crate has a large, thick handle. Just like the Z-Series, I appreciate an easy transport to and from the water.

I have personally put these kayak-friendly storage solutions to the test and they’ve earned my stamp of approval. If you haven’t tried them for yourself, give them a look!

For more tackle storage solutions, visit planomolding.com.


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