Frustration-Free Saltwater Tackle Storage

Plano Z-Series is the best option I’ve found for frustration-free saltwater tackle storage.

By Jot Owens

Saltwater can have disastrous effects on fishing tackle. Even hooks and other terminal tackle made for saltwater should still be protected. I need a rugged, waterproof and reliable option to protect my gear day in and day out.

Plano Z-Series is the best option I’ve found for frustration-free saltwater tackle storage. Here’s why:

  • No zippers. The Plano Z-Series is zipperless, eliminating frustrating failures that are common in many traditional zipper bags. I used to actually waste time lubricating zippers on other bags. Now I don’t have to worry about zippers getting bound up or corroded from saltwater use.
  • Waterproof. The molded waterproof base prevents my bag from soaking up water. Plus, it provides extra protection from the usual wear and tear of lots of use and abuse. The high-performance waterproof fabric protects everything inside – and the Kryptec pattern is a good-looking, popular design (that matches my fishing shirt)!

As a fishing guide, I’m on the water more than 200 days per year. I need to be organized to be effective. Luckily, there are versatile options within the Z-Series to give me flexible storage solutions.

  1. Z-Series 3600 Tackle Bag. With five 3600 Stowaways, I use this bag for my terminal tackle, like hooks, swivels and weights.
  2. Z-Series 3700 Tackle Bag. With five slightly larger 3700 Stowaways, I use this bag to organize my lures, softbaits and hardbaits.
  3. Z-Series 3700 Tackle Backpack. This is my go-to for surf fishing. It allows me to keep my hands free and there’s no need to worry during the afternoon rains while I walk to safety.
  4. Z-Series Wrap. I like this lure wrap for off-shore fishing. It has six large compartments that are clear so I can easily find what I’m looking for, and an efficient pack-and-roll design.

See more in this video:

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