FLEXTONE: An Intolerable Display



New Roads, LA (March 13, 2017) – Nothing captures the immediate attention of a turkey – or turkey hunter – quicker or more completely than the unmistakable sight of gobbler in full strut. Even when viewed from a great distance, a fully fanned turkey tail reads as an obvious billboard advertisement for turkey breeding activity.

Gobblers strut as a show of dominance to impress and attract nearby hens that may be receptive to breeding, while also attempting to dissuade rival males. And while the fully fanned tail is a strutting gobbler’s strongest visual queue, the ritual display also involves puffing out his feathers to appear as large as possible, dragging his wingtips on the ground and tucking his head back into his body – possibly to accentuate the length of his magnificent beard while affording a complete and unobstructed view of his grand tail.

Fact is, all male turkeys will strut, but when a jake does it – a juvenile male – it’s an outward invitation for a fight, and something an old boss tom simply won’t allow. It’s an unacceptable and intolerable sight in the presence of his ladies, and it’s also why so many successful turkey hunters employ a full-strut jake in their turkey decoy regimens.

Flextone is a company of hard-working hunters. Known primarily for their beautifully effective and affordable game calls, Flextone is introducing an impressive new line of honest and highly realistic Thunder Series turkey decoys for 2017. And the all-new Flextone Thunder Creeper is the king of the flock… at least he thinks he is.

The Flextone Thunder Creeper employs exceptionally detailed molding, an amazingly lifelike paint scheme, short beard and an ultra-realistic tail fan to faithfully and convincingly portray the front and backsides of a subordinate, young male gobbler in full strut. A real tail fan (not included) can also be used with the new Thunder Creeper. But where’s the rest of the decoy, you might ask? Good question.

While turkeys are known for having excellent eyesight, their lack of true binocular vision creates challenges with depth perception. Therefore, the lack of a complete body on this innovative decoy is deliberate. Its compressed profile makes it easier to handle, store and transport to and from the field. The included, lightweight carbon stake can be used to lock the Thunder Creeper into a fixed position, or allow the decoy to rotate freely. One look at the Thunder Creeper and his blatant disregard for the pecking order is all it takes to bring an infuriated gobbler within the hunter’s range.

Flextone Thunder Creeper

Compact body for easy carry

Folding tail fan included

Easily accepts real tail feathers

Carbon stake for easy insertion

Molded from a flexible and durable blend of plastics

Realistic paint scheme

Flextone’s new Thunder Creeper may be intolerable to other gobblers, but it’s sure to become a turkey hunter’s new best friend. Like the rest of Flextone’s all-new Thunder Series Turkey Decoys, the Thunder Creeper is a highly realistic decoy available at a true hunter’s price. Use it in combination with a Thunder Chick Feeding Hen or Thunder Chick Upright Hen, and set the scene for turkey-hunting success this season.




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