Best Nets for Great Lakes Fishing

Frabill Conservation Series nets are designed with safe catch and release in mind, and they have been a favorite among fishing pros for years. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what experienced Great Lakes anglers Dale Stroschein and Jeff Thomas have to say… 


The Perfect Net for Giant Bass

By: Captain Dale Stroschein, Hall of Fame Angler and U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Guide

Fishing giant Great Lakes smallmouth is one of my favorite things to do – and to make sure I always land these beasts for my guide clients, I never leave the dock without a Frabill 23″ x 26″ Conservation Series net in my boat!

First and foremost, this net is light and easy to maneuver. It stows compactly and easily, and also is so quick to set up for use. It’s easily adjustable and extends out long enough to aid in swooping up a jumping bass if need be. The quick-locking system and infinity adjustment are features that make this net user-friendly, but the handle is what puts it a notch above other nets. The handle shape not only allows for an easier grip, but it also is fundamental to the actual locking process; the net handle will ALWAYS click into the right place when you take it out of the stowed position!

The ease in which this net glides through the water is very noticeable and it’s protective coating greatly reduces hooks from penetrating the netting. The flat bottom allows the net to lay flat and the fish to be handled less, making the catch-photo-release process a breeze.

When purchasing a net, one wouldn’t necessarily think there would be so many aspects to think about, but it is so important for me as a guide to have the best equipment for my clients. Netting your fish is that final step in the process of getting your fish in the boat, so why settle for anything less?

I personally know the engineers at Frabill, and are proud to say that they are actual fishermen! They understand what features are most important to incorporate into the design of these nets. And it shows. There has been a lot of thought and careful execution of the final product here, and as a lifetime angler, I truly appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into the development and production of all Frabill products.


Conservation Series Nets for Catch and Release

By: Jeff Thomas

I’m a firm believer in conservation and protecting the fisheries that allow me to continue to pursue my passion of fishing. That’s why I look to my Conservation Series net to ensure a safe catch and release. Last spring, my Conservation Series net was part of a rare occurrence on the Great Lakes when it helped bring in an Atlantic Salmon.

Atlantic Salmon are rare on the Great Lakes and must be over 25 inches to legally keep. The Atlantic Salmon is the only salmon species to go upstream to reproduce and not die. They then swim back out to the lake and live on to spawn again the next year. They are also a highly prized fish for their long powerful runs and their acrobatic leaps in the air while fishing. Most anglers want to release them, even when they are legal size. My Conservation Series net helped me get this special fish back into the water quickly and healthy!

One of the first things I noticed about the Conservation Series nets is the hexagon shape of the mesh. The size and shape was tested extensively to decrease the chance of lure hooks becoming tangled. The net also has tangle-free coating which is extremely durable and no knots which means a smooth landing for the fish without damage to their protective slime coating. The flat, linear net bottom supports the entire fish so it is less likely to roll or flop around.

From small fish to trophy-sized fish, Frabill Conservation Series nets help anglers protect the fish they catch – and the future of the fisheries so we all have a chance to catch that fish of a lifetime!

Frabill offers over 150 specialized, high performance fishing nets and accessories to help ensure you securely bring your catch onto the boat, dock or shoreline. Click here to browse Frabill net options.

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