3 Tips to Improve Fishing Performance

Kevin VanDam bass fishing

By Kevin VanDam

Tackle organization and equipment management is a critical component of my daily routine. The reason is simple. I need to know what I have and where to find it so I’m using my time on the water as efficiently as possible. Plano’s KVD Signature Series Tackle Bags and Speedbags help keep my fishing gear protected and my entire boat well-organized.

Here are three tackle storage tips to help make the most of your time on the water:

  1. Keep gear easily accessible.

I know where every bit of my tackle is at all times. Instead of wasting time digging for tools and accessories, I keep the items that I use the most on the outside of my tackle bag where I can see them and get to them quickly. I always have a small and large pliers with cutters for clipping line, changing trebles, and unhooking fish; markers for coloring plastics and braided line; superglue for quick fixes; and the list goes on. KVD Signature Series Tackle Bags have a unique rail system for securing these items (and more!) for really fast access.KVD is smart about storing soft plastics.

  1. Create a working box.

I build all kinds of systems around my fishing that will help me make and implement decisions quickly. Before I head out on the water, I create a working box for the day based on my game plan. This includes variable colors and spare baits that are ready to go if I lose one. I want this box to be right at my fingertips. Available in 3600 and 3700 sizes, Plano’s KVD Signature Series Tackle Bags are designed to secure one Stowaway Utility Box on the top lid. This is my working box – always in plain view and within easy reach.

  1. Be smart about storing soft plastic baits.

I carry a lot of soft plastics in my boat – and organization used to be a challenge. KVD Wormfile Speedbags are just what I needed to organize soft plastics by style, size or color. I might have 12 different Speedbags in my boat with multiple versions of each plastic – drop shot baits, finesse worms, creature baits, bigger worms. Besides keeping all of this in order, the Speedbags are finally a solution that allows me to store baits in their original, unique packaging. This maintains the integrity of the bait and prevents them from getting bent or kinked. Trust me, this is a game-changer – and infinitely better than storing a pile of soft plastics in a big plastic bag.

It all boils down to this: If you’re digging around looking for something, you’re not catching fish, and that’s a problem. Operating efficiently saves time and keeps you in the game longer. Keep this system in your own boat so you always know right where everything is. Or jump in a friend’s boat with your customized tackle system knowing you have exactly what you need for the day right at your fingertips.

Click here to read more about Plano’s KVD Signature Series Tackle Bags and Speedbags.

For more solutions to protect and organize your gear at home, in the truck and on the water, visit planomolding.com.


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