10 Awesome Gifts That Are Actually Useful

This year, give them something they will actually find useful for years to come.

Holiday shopping can be challenging. No one wants the gift they specially selected shoved in the corner of a closet or on the regift pile. This year, give them something they will actually find useful for years to come. Here are 10 favorites from Plano Synergy team members:

  1. Top-Level Gun Case
    Plano’s Field Locker Mil-Spec Gun Cases are some of my favorite products. These cases are extremely durable; when I throw it on my utility trailer and drive four hours to the deer lease, I never have to worry about my rifles getting beat up. Having the waterproof gasket helps when we’re tent camping and it pours down rain overnight.
    -Andy Baumbach, Corporate Marketing and Design Manager
  2. Fishing Rod Tube for Travel
    Traveling with your fishing rods is difficult, but the Plano Guide Series Jumbo Rod Tube holds up to a dozen rods and has wheels, making it great for airports. The twist-off top-loading design is simple to load and unload without any damage to your rods.
    -Charlie Davis, Category Director Fishing
  3. New Tackle Box
    I have loved this hard box since we introduced it years ago! I love satchels; four levels of storage in the Plano Guide Series Satchel gives me tons of room while keeping everything organized. There is nice bulk storage and plenty of space for tackle in one compact box. Anyone who fishes a lot or wants to be better organized will LOVE this box – no matter what tackle box they use now.
    -Randy Lemcke, Vice President Key Accounts
  4. Year-Round Live Bait Container
    Frabill’s Magnum Bait Station is one of the best new items Frabill has offered in a long time. It’s perfect for freshwater and saltwater anglers and it makes picking up live bait from your local shop clean, easy and worry-free. An aerator is built into the lid so bait stays healthy and fresh. The lid seals tight – no leaks in the back of your SUV! And the huge handle makes it easy to carry, even when full. It’s a gift that anglers can use all year for under $100.
    -Chris Russell, Marketing Manager Fish
  5. Innovative Ice Fishing Reel
    I love the Frabill Bro Series Straight Line Reel for anyone who ice fishes. This compact inline reel eliminates line twist – that helps stop tangles which can be very frustrating when your hands are cold or you’re wearing gloves. Plus, it picks up a lot of line fast. With a 3.7 to 1 reel ratio, I can pick up slack and set the hook or check my baits quickly. It’s a gift I know friends will use for years to come.
    -Allen Gertan, Vice President Brand Development
  6. Waterproof Cases for Fishing, Hunting and Home
    Plano Guide Series Waterproof Cases are great for keeping things dry in numerous applications outside of fishing and hunting. They’re durable and clear so it’s easy to see what’s inside – great to keep my electronics and wallet safe.
    -Chris Leonard, Project Manager
    Size and functionality are what make Guide Series Waterproof Cases so great. It is small enough to fit in my glovebox, junk drawer, backpack, etc. – but big enough to hold my wallet, phone, small tools or other electronics. I trust these cases to protect whatever I put in them. That’s why I have at least six floating between my garage, house and truck.
    -Kyle Smith, Graphic Designer
  7. Organize All Your Stuff
    I love organization. The Deep Bulk Waterproof Stowaway is the perfect size to fit in packs and duffels. It has robust latches and is adjustable from 1-3 compartments. This is obviously a great fishing item for waterproof tackle storage, but can be used to organize, store and protect in any area of the home, garage, workspace and more.
    -Ryan Kleckner, Vice President of Engineering
  8. BIG Storage for Hobbies, Outdoors, Camping and More
    I love this versatile storage system. I use Plano Sportsman’s Trunks to carry all of my hunting, camping and miscellaneous outdoor items, plus it doubles as a great seat to sit around the camp fire. It is easy to transport and has a water-resistant base and lid design. I throw these trunks in the back of my pickup and don’t worry about anything getting wet or blowing out during transit. It stores nicely during off-season and stacks great! Every family member with a need for a versatile storage option has received one of these from me.
    -David Stagg, Assoc. Category Manager
    As a guy with a lot of outdoor hobbies, I’ve got a Plano Sportsman’s Trunk (or two) for every season. There’s one for my turkey gear, another for decoys, one for whitetail, camping, the gun range, and even one for my hunting clothes. These trunks are the ultimate storage solution for the systematic organizing sportsman.
    -Justin Skittlethorpe, Graphic Designer
  9. Smart & Stylish Tote
    Every girlfriend who sees me carrying the Caboodles Life & Style Essential Tote asks where I got it. It’s just the right size to hold a laptop and has slip pockets in the front for keys and sunglasses so you can get to them quickly. Perfect for the working girl on the go – and transitions seamlessly to networking events or happy hours!
    -Becky Long, Content Marketing Manager
  10. Cosmetic Clutch
    If you have the Essential Tote (see #9), you’ll need the Caboodles Life & Style See Me Duo! The smaller bag snaps into the tote – and several other bags in the Life & Style line. The larger one is perfect for travel to get through security without a fuss. The color with faux leather is my favorite, but there’s also a black design in the Active by Simone Biles collection.
    -Becky Long, Content Marketing Manager

Plano Synergy offers thousands of specialized products across 16 brands – and we take pride in producing the very best. What’s your favorite?


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